High level of customization

In KLOCOK Poprad, s.r.o. we proceed according to your needs and ideas. You can come up with an entirely new element or elements which are similar to those we have already made. There are so many ways to help you individualize your initial proposal.

Technical assistance

We are happy to share our experiences gained through years of work. If you are an architect, designer or developer who starts work on a project that includes architectural concrete, you might find it is worth to consult our experts. We strongly recommend you contact us before you finish the drawings and plans, or prior to the tender. It may be too late to do it just before the start of the production. Please do contact us to make an enquiry not only about the technical documents, but for the indicative bid as well.

Repairs and renovations

The visible concrete or stone element installed in the outdoor may be damaged by weather conditions, acts of vandalism, or an unforeseen occurrence. If our installed elements are damaged, it is very easy to repair or replace them.