Large-format concrete slabs

We also respond to current trends in exterior architecture, which is why we also have large-format concrete slabs (LCS) in our program, suitable especially for areas near family houses. Smaller areas and individual requirements of builders therefore result in small-scale factory production on our side.

LCS plates can be used outdoors as paving or stairs.

Large-format concrete slabs

We produce them in various sizes and designs, it is possible to combine smaller and larger rectangular formats or even non-rectangular shapes and plates with holes. Different color shades and surface structures are possible for all of them. These plates will retain their durability and perfect appearance for many years after their installation.

Large-format concrete slabs

With our LCS, create access to the house, areas for relaxation, or any other space with a solid and attractive concrete base. The reference photos document that we have no problem with the various challenges of producing LCS plates.

Even these custom-made products must be defined in the first place by the designer and structural engineer.

Great attention should also be paid to the installation itself on the construction site. Sometimes it is necessary to store LCS plates in a landfill on the construction site, if their so-called flying assembly. In this case, it is necessary to avoid placing them on top of each other in two or more layers. If this cannot be avoided, please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information on how to proceed here.

Installation of the LCS must be entrusted to competent professionals. It is good to realize how difficult it will be to handle the plates and what will be required in the case of larger surfaces.

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