Architectural Concrete

In KLOCOK Poprad s.r.o. this term is used for a wide range of precast concrete elements of various shapes and different sizes, which have an important decorative function.

The shape, color, surface and exceptional quality significantly contribute to the appearance of the construction project, structure or concrete product itself.

Significant here is unlimited choice of shape, color and surface appearance. The complex shape of a new product is a challenge for us. If it is necessary to optimize its shape from a technological point of view, we do this in collaboration with the architect or designer.

The main features of the precast forms of architectural concrete

Rozmanitosť tvarov

Small batch custom manufacture of architectural elements of various shapes made of high performance concrete

Široká škála úprav

A wide range of finishes and ways to individualize their look

Krátky čas výroby

Short production time and delivery deadline according to the project schedule

We aim to help you develop unique unusual ideas of concrete. Our experts have a deep knowledge of the material and we will answer your questions.

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