All our surfaces can be found in the updated corporate catalog of surfaces.

Optional surface finishings

Other surfaces
It is possible to order different colors and other finishings according to the requirements of an architect or client, or to the data specified in the provided documentation.

Impregnation and graffiti protection
These are protective coatings, the use of which is recommended prior to the shipment of products. They are diverse, but have one common feature: they are permeable, i.e. allow the concrete to "breathe".
They repel water, restrict efflorescence, increase resistance to freezing / thawing cycles and protect from deicing salts. These coatings also prevent the stains from contact with food and oil spills. They provide graffiti protection.
These coatings are transparent. After their application and drying they can be invisible, can create gentle gloss or high gloss, or highlight color shade of concrete.

What you should know

Concrete is substantially a natural material and that is what makes every hand-made concrete element unique. Even despite our best efforts, rare hairline cracks, concave or convex surface can occur. The differences in color, texture and brighter clouds are typical for concrete. The differences in the appearance of the surface that do not affect the usability of the product are allowed.
We recommend to agree and approve the color and texture of the product by an architect or client. For this purpose, we produce a sample (recommended size: 150 x 150 x 30 mm) for approval.

When assessing fair-faced concrete, overall impression when viewed from a distance of at least 2 m is crucial. The deviations that can be tolerated in the appearance of fair-faced concrete are:

  • efflorescence,
  • staining, marbling and slight deviations of color shade,
  • clusters of pores,
  • cavities and pores with diameter smaller than 16 mm,
  • light visibility of spacers and reinforcing rods,
  • slight differences in color at the contact points of the parts of a form,
  • effects of separation of cement milk in a small extent,
  • broken edges of elements with sharp edges,
  • slight concave and convex curvature.