Bespoke Products

These are usually architectural concrete elements. We supply them under the terms of contract for work or purchase contract. These products are made in accordance with the production documentation agreed upon in advance by all parties which specifies the element properties and installation requirements. This documentation also serves to ensure the production of molds for element casting.

Bespoke architectural concrete elements. Project of Fountain

Bespoke architectural concrete elements.
Project of Fountain

In some cases, the static calculation is required. All production documentation is approved by an architect and client. The scheme and details for installation products can also be a part of the manufacturing documents. Cutting of the elements on site is usually not necessary.


Price list cannot be found on our website since every project is unique and its price is affected by various factors, such as quantity, shape, size, colours, surface structures, anchor elements and timetable of the project.

If you wish to obtain a quote for your project, please provide us with most relevant information. Every contract is considered individually and when we prepare a quotation we take into account both the demands and needs of an architect or an investor as well as our specific material and technological possibilities.