Material and technology

Concrete is a mixture of mineral compounds (cement, sand, gravel, coloring pigments), water and refine additives. This creates plastic or liquid mixture which later hardens into a product with desired physical properties. All ingredients we use are in accordance with the requirements of standard EN 206-1: 2002 Concrete. Part 1: Specification, performance, production and conformity.

In our production of concrete elements we use exclusively Wet Cast Method.

The resulting properties of our products are in compliance with the requirements of the following standards:

  • STN EN 13198: 2004 Precast concrete products. Street and garden furniture.
  • STN EN 13369: 2005 General rules for precast concrete products.
Density2300-2450 kg/m³
Cube compressive strength after 28 daysfrom 30 to 75 N/mm²
Tensile strengthfrom 3 to 8 N/mm²
Water absorptionfrom 4 to 6%