Products and their use

Our concrete products are used for following purposes:

  • street and garden furniture,
  • indoor furniture,
  • various slabs for outdoor and indoor use,
  • large size paving slabs of any shape for public outdoor areas and gardens,
  • stairways, platforms and steps for outdoor stairs,
  • exterior walls and blocks with the inscriptions, logos, or other features of corporate identity,
  • wall coping and parapets,
  • facade elements,
  • columns and balustrades,
  • pedestals for statues,
  • elements for fountains,
  • elements for cemeteries,
  • elements surrounding trees,
  • tactile paving slabs,
  • other architectural elements not mentioned above.


Our products for exterior have properties related to their durability (strength, water absorption, frost resistance and resistance to de-icing salts) in accordance with the requirements of STN EN 13369.

We recommend all products to be treated with invisible protective coating to repel water, restrict spotting, increase resistance to de-icing salts, etc. It is appropriate to use the multifunctional products which in addition provide anti-graffiti protection.

Our experts will help you make an informed choice that will later prolong the use and excellent quality of the selected concrete elements.


To maintain our outdoor concrete elements properly, use low pressure water jet, clean them with soft brushes, and if necessary, add a little detergent to water. When using high pressure water, it is necessary that the nozzle is at a distance min. 1.5 m from the concrete surface. Do not use harsh detergents, solvents, any abrasive or blasting media since they could irreparably damage the surface appearance.

To clean the concrete elements that have been exposed to weather conditions for a long time without proper regular maintenance, consult an expert first.