Standard products

These are products which are purchased from corporate catalogs. They are made “on stock”. Prices for standard versions as well as any extra charges for extra finishings can be found in our price list that we send to customers upon request. It is usually necessary to cut these elements on the site.

We produce a relatively wide range of products for public spaces and gardens. A wide variety of colors and surface structures is dominated by exposed aggregate concrete.

Our product range includes the following standard catalog products:

  • Benches and seats
  • Waste bins
  • Flowerpots
  • Bollards, traffic barriers, bicycle stands

Bench NELA
Fits to parks as well on city sidewalks

Standard surfaces:

Bench POLI
Garden bench of neat shape with a surface of polished concrete.

Standard surfaces:

Waste bins

Standard surfaces:


Standard surfaces:


Standard surfaces:


Standard surfaces:

Bicycle stand

Standard surfaces:

Rectangular plates

The plates are suitable mainly for the platforms of outdoor stairs. We offer also other products for outdoor stairs, terraces and skirting boards which are adjacent to the external stairs.

500 x 500 x 50 mm
500 x 500 x 40 mm - Washed front side
400 x 400 x 40 mm - Fair-faced front side
400 x 200 x 25 mm

These plates may have one front side or two front sides washed out.

Circular plates

These plates are used in gardens to form paths through grass areas. Plates are 100 mm or 150 mm high and are used as steps of stairs.

These curbs are used on sidewalks and in outdoor areas from the exposed aggregate concrete tiles in the garden.

Exposed aggregate concrete plates with attractive rounded pebbles from the Danube. Convenient and fast solution for your stairs. Delivery directly from the warehouse, ready to ship.

Plates with excellent appearance of fine washed concrete with shades suitable to any building walls. Convenient and fast solution for your stairs. Delivery directly from the warehouse, ready to ship.

The system of blocks from exposed aggregate concrete makes an attractive option in your choice of concrete products for the garden fence.

Hollow blocks from reinforced concrete, with no special surface finish. The fair-faced concrete surface is gray or brown with small pores and larger cavities.

These spheres make an interesting decoration in the garden. A group of three spheres with different diameters and colors in the grass looks best.

Diameter: 20 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm,